Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Bush is speaking tonight and I'm trying to figure out what the game is here. Why does the White House release the contents of a speach so early before the speech is actually given? For the last 24 hours I've been inundated by analysis of the big event tonight and the rebuttal by the Dems.

What ever happened to waiting for a speech to find out what somebody is going to say. Why doesn't hollywood just pass out scripts before releasing a movie?


Saturday, January 20, 2007

The New Yorker: PRINTABLES

Oh what the hell. I was going to keep this more as a diary but I can't help myself. Here is a fascinating account of how one goes from death metal to "one of Osama bin Laden’s senior operatives" The New Yorker: PRINTABLES


It’s been a long time.

Since my last posting, I’ve finished Peace Corps, worked as cameraman for a few TV programs and spent several months with my mother, fixing up her place and trying to be of help in general.

Each of those items above deserve some more detail. My last days in Peace Corps were spoiled by a series of problems caused by PC but suffered by me; my work on the TV programs involved the hunting community and several funny, disturbing and bizarre elements that go along with it; my time helping my mother convinced me that I am possibly the world’s worst handyman.

I’d like to write about each in the future but for now I’m just saying hello again. And I’m trying to rethink my purpose for this blog.

Previously I was blogging anonymously. PC has a policy that requires volunteers to have everything approved for publication. I had no desire to participate in that and so I tried to make sure that my blog didn’t identify me or anybody around me to the degree that I would be causing any problems that PC claims to want to avoid.

In writing like that, I found myself over thinking everything I posted, making more of an effort to conceal myself than to write.

I also began to feel I needed to post an opinion on practically everything. Not a good idea. A lot of posts can add up to a lot of crap.

Then I discovered that I could track the hits to my blog. Not a good idea. Caring about your hits can affect your blogging.

Then I discovered that I was getting daily hits from Kiev. Well, that gave me pause. Perhaps I was being paranoid but I decided that I didn’t want to be busted just months before my scheduled departure.

So I am back for now. I got a cheap AOL account that will allow me to post from anywhere and so we will see. I’ll probably stay anonymous because frankly you can’t work in TV/film and have the opinions I have without getting grief from your potential bosses and co-workers.

My current plan is to return to Los Angeles and begin a job search. I’ve been out of my field for several years now and it is a little scary. I’m also reluctant to jump back into the kind of backbiting environment I left before. But I love the industry and have plans to return to Ukraine and shoot a documentary. For that I will need to make money.

I’m going to treat this as a diary of sorts. If anybody actually reads it, thanks!

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