Sunday, October 30, 2005

Third Way

Yes, that tired phrase that party operatives scoff at. The third way.
Who is going to finally get it?

The blogging world is known as being dominated by the right. Wrong.
From my perspective, the blogging world has a larger percentage of
people who support the war in Iraq, not right-wing causes.

The problem is that some people believe that supporting a strong
defense is a left-right issue. It isn't.

The irony of the past few years is that the Democrats have embraced
their "Base" in an effort to build support. The Democratic brainiacs
who are paid large sums of money to provided real smart advice decided
a while back that the Dems have to show their courage and take a stand
on the important issues. The only problem is that they seem to have
decided that if the Republicans are on one side of an issue, they have
to be on the other. My 6 year old niece understands the silliness of
that. Voters want to believe that you arrive at your position through
conviction, not through a temper tantrum.

So those of us who tend to be center or center left, who are not
typically one issue voters, had to make a choice such as "What is more
important to me, gay marriage or national security?" Well, sorry Mr. Sullivan, but as much as I
really, really, really want you to have the right to marry, my fear of
a nuclear device lighting up Manhatten is a little more compelling.
And the same goes for the other pressing issues of the day. Security
trumps everything right now.

And by the way, John Kerry didn't support gay marriage either.

From my perspective the party that usually wins is the one that manages
to create the image of the most centrist. I've never understood why
anybody would think leaning to the wingnuts would be effective.

So what will happen in 2008? My prediction is the most moderate
candidate will win.

But here is the irony, if a Democrat wins, the right will say they are
a flaming liberal, if a Republican wins, the Dems call them a right
wing wacko. Of course, to wingnuts everybody not in their wing is an

So if you want to know who is the real centrist, the voters will let you know. And it will probably tell you where you stand in the political spectrum too.

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