Monday, April 09, 2007

AOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

How long will AOL continue to give their customers the shaft? I have in the past been an AOL member, usually because I needed dial up access. Every time has been horrible.

A few months ago I canceled the AOL service my mother was using. Everytime I tried to go through the system, I would be disconnected before the cancellation could actually be accomplished. I spent about 45 minutes before it dawned on me to simply act like I wanted to start service instead. Sure enough, I was talking to a service rep within 2 minutes. From there I managed to get the account disconnected.

Today I wanted to cancel my account and after going through the same automated system, found myself disconnected at just the moment that I was supposed to talk with a rep. This time I remembered the trick I'd used before and sure enough I got through immediately.

AOL has always sucked and customer service has always been bad, especially because of the roadblocks they throw up to keep customers. Why hasn't it died yet?

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