Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ukraine Dispair

At Neeka's Backlog, Veronica writes of being bored with the ongoing speechifying and promises coming from Maidan.

It seems that in that part of the world, it really is about who has the stamina to continue, who is able to browbeat the others into submission. During my time there I continually proclaimed that Ukraine had a great future ahead, in spite of the cynicism all around me. I didn't realize how much of a role that impact would play in Ukraine's future.

I won't cop to that same cynicism but I am bored as well by the current Ukraine events. I am bored by the constant manuevering by various political operatives that make and take bribes in a constant struggle for power that really in the end has little to do with what is best for the country.

Unfortunately the biggest reason for the failure of the Revolution will prove to be the simpleminded politics that led to populists debacles like price controls that caused prices to go through the roof or the blatant corruption of the President who stood against corruption.

Ukraine really needs an iconic figure to follow. Somebody who is able to truly inspire and rally the people to a single cause and bridge the great divide that generates the mistrust and in some ways hatred between the two major groups. Somebody who comes in with such political and moral authority that they are able to sweep aside the oligarchs and corrupt politicians that keep holding the country back. Somebody who can acquire all that power and manage, in a country that expects personal enrichment in its politicians, to be completely incorruptable.

It is something I desperately want but what Ukrainians desperately need.

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