Thursday, April 05, 2007

Coincidentally, Mars Warms

There is a timeline of the earth's history that basically puts all the events of our planet's existence into a year long calendar. If I remember correctly, Dinosaurs arrive sometime in late december and humans sometime in the last hour of December 31. It is a great way to illustrate how minor our time as a species is compared to the Earth's history.

Of course the Earth would probably be equally insignificant as compared to the rest of the Universe.

Scientists tell us that Mars' temperature has risen 2 degrees in the last twenty years but, before we start making any connections: "The causes of global warming on Mars -- still not entirely understood,
Fenton said -- are not only far different from those on Earth, but the
temperatures involved are totally different." Am I the only person who finds it odd that two planets in the same solar system would manage to experience warming trends for entirely different reasons?

Wouldn't a scientist want to discover what these two planets have in common in order to arrive at such an inprobable coincidence?

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