Sunday, April 08, 2007

Grindhouse Yawn

As a fan of Quentin Tarantino and someone who has enjoyed about 3 movies by Robert Rodriquez AND as a fan of exploitation films, I was looking forward to Grindhouse.

Sad to say, it was a huge disappointment. Different critics have disagreed over which movie in the double feature is better but neither were really any good. It seems that both directors were so caught up in the exercise of the concept that they thought "the concept" was enough. It seems they thought the audience didn't actually expect a good movie.

Well, I can say that there were fun moments in both but when the movie is working so hard to generate a knowing laugh from the audience it ruins any chance of the audience ever buying into the the film.

There were plenty of fanboys in the theatre that sounded like they were having a great time as they played along with the joke, but a regular guy like me was, of all things, bored to tears.

The critical acclaim for this movie futher proves my assertion that critics don't understand the appeal of genre films to their audiences and this report of a dismal box office seems to back me up.

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