Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Avian flu Update

I mentioned in a post below, a book about the politicization of science, including the Avian Flu. I can't vouch for the book but I've read Michael Crichton argue the same issue before and was convinced.

Well, the World Bank is evidently gearing up to make hundreds millions of dollars available for Avian Flu aid. This is a moment where I pause. By all means, do whatever it takes to contain this and keep us safe, but don't provide a financial incentive for countries to suddenly discover Avian Flu. Trust me, there is a fine art to skimming off international loans and grants that has been perfected in certain parts of the world. I happen to live in one of those areas. I just hope the World Bank is vigilant in overseeing the distribution of funds.

Also, the UAE has banned Ukraine live poultry imports. This is the second country I've seen do this but frankly I don't know how this changes anything. Last I heard, Ukraine has to import most of its poultry.

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