Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ukraine Avian Flu Spreading

The government has reported that the Avian flu has spread to the southern and central regions of Crimea. So far they have culled more than 35,700 birds.

Here is a disturbing report that birds are being burned alive

As predicted, chicken prices and sales are plummeting ( in Crimea, no word on greater Ukraine) while meat prices and sales are going up

Update: Ukraine Poultry exports seem to be limited to Russian and Belarus as mentioned here in the previously unknown web site (at least to me) called the "Poultry Site". It seems that the various bans on Ukraine Poultry Imports aren't going to have much of an effect if any.

An interesting note. In this report, the Ukrainian head of Veterinarian Medicine sought to calm public fears by stating that there are no reports of Avian Flu. This was in September, the time that people are now claiming that the first cases were reported.

Also noted is the continuing smuggling of poultry into Ukraine because of high import tariffs.

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