Friday, December 02, 2005

Where did all the Spycatchers go?

I've done a few posts in the past about leaking from the CIA and FBI. John Hindraker from Powerline directs us to his article in The Weekly Standard that takes the agency to task.

I don't need to wonder about the Plame affair, it is all over the news and the case is being breathlessly followed with every twist and turn by the media, but I am wondering why the torrent of leaks from within the CIA (that dwarf the Plame case) is not getting any coverage.

In the good old days we could pretty much identify the bad guys who decided to work against the interest of the US to serve their own personal agendas. Those moles or spies or whatever they were called were properly condemned and prosecuted after an investigation revealed who they were. Why aren't the people responsible for all these leaks being pursued and prosecuted as well? Is there any effort being made? Are their activities any less damaging to US interests?

And why aren't leaders in congress, from both parties, asking these questions? Doesn't anybody care anymore?

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