Friday, March 23, 2007

Apple TV

I have a feeling PC World will get a call from Little People of America with the opening paragraph concerning Apple TV here.

Although PC world seems to endorse the product, I'm still not sold. This is another example of Apple locking customers into the iTunes world to use their product. I just wonder if there is not a massive blowback coming in the future.

There were alreading rumblings, deservedly I think, about the proprietary design of iPod and iTunes that does not allow you to either play music from other download services on the iPod or does not allow you to play iTunes purchased music on other players. What happened to the good old days when you bought a cd, popped it into any old player and listened to your music.

Then along comes the iPhone, well along comes the announcement, the actual phone is still months away, and it not only continues but expands this built in limitation. evidently Apple will not allow 3rd party developers to create software enhancements and it will work with cingular. What happens if you switch to cingular to get an iPhone, decide cingular sucks and want to switch back? Um, nice paperweight you've got there.

Apple may have a winner on their hands but like I said, I'm not convinced. And with a measly 40 gb drive, I"m even more underwhelmed.

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