Monday, March 05, 2007

New Orleans Twit

Today I was listening to a podcast of my favorite radio program "This American Life". One of the segments was by a NO resident who takes a Greyline disaster tour.

It's as would be expected, yet another litany of complaints about outsiders invading the tragically devastated region. Here are a couple of my complaints:

One, she makes a point about white people coming to gawk at areas mainly composed of blacks. The inference is clear if stupid. I have news for her, I happened to be in Oklahoma City a week after the Murray building bombing. There were tons of tourists, black, white and all other colors, posing and snapping away at the destruction. I'm not excusing poor taste in the wake of tragedy but it has nothing to do with race thank you.

She also expressed her disgust at a middle aged woman who remarked how nice some homes were in a better neighborhood they toured. The implication was that the lady making the remark was more concerned about middle and upper class victims. I would suggest that she was surprised because if you depended on the MSM coverage, you would very understandably think that all the victims were poor blacks.

There has been plenty of heartache and pain related to Katrina. When will people quit inventing more for their own purposes.

And yes, I still think "This American Life" is the best program on the radio.

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