Sunday, March 11, 2007


Just saw the new movie 300 and what a film! My favorite review is this which starts with: "The movie '300' is rated R for 'RAAAAAR!' and is about as inspirational as 'Field of Dreams' multiplied by 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,' plus infinity.
High school football coaches who show this to their players before games are guaranteed to win 55-0. Should opposing coaches show the DVD to each of their teams before the matchup, a rupture in the space-time continuum will occur and the game will be declared a tie."

I am passionate about movies but never good at trying to express my opinions on them like a good professional critic.

I will say this. There was evidently a tiny blip of question about whether 300 might actually be a clever condemnation of US imperialism. Let me say that King Leonidas answers that question early with one word. At the start of the movie, a Persian messenger arrives with the demand of "earth and water". A simple token by Sparta to show their allegiance to the Persian king Xerxes. With this expression of support, Sparta will be spared. What is the one word Leonidas says that gives it all away? "Submission?"

What does Islam mean? "Submission."

It is at this moment that the previously attentive Leonidas draws his sword and demonstrates his dedication to freedom and rejection of submission.

This is a movie that proudly declares its allegiance. Any misunderstanding by critics or audiences has to be assumed to be intentional.

I do think a great sketch for SNL would be a stand off between Leonidas and Jack Bauer of "24". Their yelling at each other would be quite a laugh riot.

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