Saturday, March 31, 2007

He Enjoys His Work

I have an odd relationship with Quentin Tarantino. Odd in that there is no relationship and that I would refer to one anyway (I used to see him at a local Thai restaurant but that's as close as we ever came) and odd because as much as I think I don't like him, I can't figure out why.

Today I listened to his interview on The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell and he has to be the most enthusiastic filmmaker in the History of Film!

Why do I have this impression that I don't like the guy when he consistently creates great movies? Why would I have a problem with him when he is constantly pushing the cinematic envelope? The guy has done more to bring Asian and genre films off of the beaten track and into art houses than any single person in the industry. The guy has done more to introduce new filmmakers to the world. Why the negative feelings? Frankly I just don't know.

Maybe it's because I heard an interview with the producers of Natural Born Killers who described a sleazy Tarantino hitting on one of them at Cannes. Maybe it is his incredible success. Maybe it is his (ahem) unique style of acting.

Or maybe it's because he doesn't have the carefully managed image that so many others in the industry carefully manage for themselves. Maybe I am seeing all his faults, none that I can claim to be above and none that really add up to much.

I do know that almost every movie he has made has been challenging and exciting. And I know that I am really looking forward to seeing his latest with Robert Rodriquez called Grindhouse.

I work in the film industry and know a critically acclaimed director who gets much more respect than Tarantino. But the director I am talking about decided long ago that making movies was a job. And a job they don't particularly like, Tarantino makes movies because he loves them.

Jeez, sometimes I can be a dick.

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