Friday, March 30, 2007

The Hills Are Alive with Fire

I walked out this afternoon to see a massive cloud of smoke blocking the sky. It looked like an apartment building in the foothills was on fire but the TV shows that it was a brush fire near Universal City. What looked like it was a few blocks away was actually on the other side of the hills.

It was close to the Hollywood Sign.

Evidently they've gotten it under control and nobody was hurt. The News Team suggests kids with Fireworks are suspected.

But then this is the city that has STORMWATCH!!!!!!!! whenever it sprinkles.

Glad they got it under control. It could have been a real monster.

UPDATE: Evidently this fire may have been a blessing since it burned away a lot of fuel that could have been a problem with fire season arrives.

For years we've been hearing that one of the reasons for some of the more devastating fires in southern California is because of the excess fuel, or dead shrubs and trees that are not thinned by natural causes anymore. I'm surprised that there isn't some sort of managed burn that takes place in the hills every few years to serve the same purpose. Nobody wants blackened hills but they are amazingly resilient and a little black hill here is a lot better than a house on fire there.

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