Thursday, March 22, 2007


No, not that guy, the movie.

I just caught this film after seeing the trailer on another DVD. The basic premise is that a family in Taliban controlled Afghanistan, has no way to make money to feed themselves since the husband has died and there are no men in the household. Because of the laws in place, women are not allowed to walk the streets alone much less get a job.

The decision is made to cut the hair of the young daughter and send her out to work as a boy.

This is a beautifully moving and ultimately devestating film that really should be seen by anybody that has any interest in international issues. I find that many people are frankly ok with allowing entire populations to suffer terrible abuse while at the same time identifying themselves as humanitarians.

Remember, doing nothing means something. Not intervening and allowing a million to be slaughtered means a million were slaughtered because of inaction. Not intervening and allowing the horror of Afghanistan to continue meant that many more were stoned to death, were decapitated were terrorized.

I went to the National Organization for Women website. They cover a lot of issues but try to see if any of these are about women living under the thumb of Islam here . Why do they not address it? I'd really like to know.

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