Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Attorney General Flap

I've grown weary of the continuing cries of outrage by various groups over this or that, most of which turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

When the Plame/Wilson issue came up, my response to my crazed friends who wanted blood was that yes, anybody that broke the law should be punished. I never imagined that somebody would be prosecuted for what could well be a simple case of forgetting details while the person that actually released the Plame identity would not face any punishment. It really boggles the mind.

So the Gonzalez issue has not really captured my attention. Just more noise and the counter argument that Clinton fired close to 100 without any outcry seemed like a fair comparison. Today I did take some time to learn a little more and while I am still shady on the details I do feel comfortable saying the following.

If the prosecutors in question were fired for political reasons, meaning they weren't prosecuting the right people or they were prosecuting the wrong people, politically speaking, it is an outrage. And if that is a standard practice, it should be attacked and ended.

If Gonzales was involved in those firings and tried to cover it up, he should step down.

And if people are defending Gonzales for political reasons then shame on them.

If it turns out that this is yet another artificial outrage, I'm probably going to notice the next one even less.

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