Saturday, March 10, 2007

Not the Host with the most

I've been eagerly anticipating the movie 300 since seeing the teaser trailer. But last night we chose the South Korean big monster flick The Host instead because we expected opening night crowds for 300 to be huge. And The Host is getting amazing reviews.

Well, The Host is a great movie fatally injected with dumb, dull and completely unrelated US bashing that just kill the joyride. The director is obviously very talented and there are sequences that set you back in your seat (even when the cgi is subpar) but the movie is burdened with hamhanded commentary that adds nothing to the experience. I can only guess that the very part of the movie I hated is what is causing it to get such over the top reviews.

The last movie to do this for me was "Children of Men". I was shocked at how dull and dumb that one was. And I went in with equal enthusiasm because of its overwhelming critical support. And it shared in the US bashing.

What's up with US critics?

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