Monday, November 07, 2005

Beautiful Women

When I was assigned to Ukraine and waiting for my departure, I was informed by people who know these things that the women of Ukraine are the most beautiful in the world. They told me about the thriving marriage industry that brings westerners (mainly from US) to meet and marry Ukrainian women. That is a whole other post.

Well, Ukrainian women are beautiful. I don't know if they are the most beautiful, my time in Italy convinced me that Italian women were the most beautiful and then a recent trip to Germany convinced me that German women are the most beautiful.

And living in LA can spoil a man. It seems that the most beautiful women from every small town in the world make their way to LA to become movie stars. So LA probably has the most beautiful waitresses in the world.

I could create a long list of the many states that have the most beautiful women (Texas has the most beautiful Cowgirls) but I have a bandwidth limit here.

I did end up dating a Ukrainian girl here for a while. Yes, she was beautiful. But I discovered something about myself. I really enjoy communicating with women, especially one that I am having a relationship with. I enjoy finding that place where we understand each other's unique voice and can talk about all those things that you don't talk about in polite company.

Communicating with women has its own difficulties for me. I'm not a mumbling fool or anything but in a relationship there is always an opportunity to say something the wrong way and be misunderstood or vice versa. I blame it all on me.

So when you are dating somebody who's English is OK but not fluent (my Russian is very bad, ochen ploho) then those little subtleties are magnified and provide even more moments of explaining yourself. I enjoyed my time in that relationship but after it ended, decided that I would stick with fluent English speakers for now. The only ones I've met here so far are American.

Last week we found out that we are getting a couple of new PCVs in our city next month. I am in a city with another guy and both of us are ready to start dating again and both are not eager to date the locals. We have been closely following the events and just found out that we are getting a girl who fits into both of our age range.

We'll be meeting her soon.

This could be war.

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