Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French dopes

Oh sure, we have dopes everywhere but here are a couple: who happen to be in France

First the just plain dopey:

"'We're not doing anything to help these people. I'm surprised they didn't riot sooner,' said Brigitte Gaspard, a 42-year-old unemployed mother, one of many who feared a nighttime curfew could inflame the situation."

Then the sensitive dope:

"But, parents and children watched together, in shock, as a black father arrived to pick up his son and faced a humiliating request by school authorities for his identification card. The man lost his temper and his son burst into tears.
'You wonder what drives people to riot?' said Fabrice Allorge, 31, a white man witnessing the scene as he picked his son up from school. 'They've never asked me for my identification.'

OK, what is wrong with that? Check out the next sentence that shows his real sentiment:

Allorge said he has told his wife and children to stay indoors at night and has placed a list of emergency numbers by the telephone. With a whisper, he noted that he wonders if his neighborhood will be the next to explode.
'I live next to Africans,' he said. 'You never know what could happen.'"

UPDATE: In my original post, I used the word "idiot" instead of dope. That was kind of harsh I think.

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