Sunday, November 20, 2005

A questin of Tactics

I've only recently begun taking this blog seriously, or perhaps I should simply say I've begun posting regularly, so there are all kinds of blogging things I'm learning. One is tracking hits by sitemeter to see how many people are actually seeing what I am writing and how they are finding this blog.

It is a fascinating technology that I suppose will become less fascinating as the weeks wear on but right now it is a little addicting at. I'm surprised to see the google searches that bring people here, today somebody arrived after googling "Spiderman's Head", and wonder what they think when that particular post has nothing to do with what they are looking for.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed is that I am getting a lot of hits from blogs that are dedicated to Hinduism and Buddhism. I have an interest in Buddhism but nothing on this blog would indicate that as far as I can tell. So I am wondering is this is some sort of religious recruiting practice that I've never heard of, hit sites with the intention of the owner being drawn to yours for conversion.

I would say that this is ridiculous if I hadn't seen so many forms of spam pop up over the years.

Very interesting.

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