Thursday, November 24, 2005

Free oil from out friends

Here goes Chavez, helping humanity again.

And here goes an idiot politician, helping Chavez again:

Democratic Congressman William Delahunt of Massachusetts publicly thanked Chavez, as well as the government and people of Venezuela.

"They should know that their generosity will [keep] thousands of families here in Massachusetts from being forced to make an unacceptable choice between food, between heat, between health care, and between paying the rent," he said.

Is there going to be a point where the people of Venezuela will say "Hey wait a minute, can we work on the local stagnant, raw sewage for a while?" I know that Chavez is fomenting the next Latin American people's revolution but how much of that oil does he have to spread around? I can't wait until I personally control the natural resources of my own country.

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