Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I've been on the road since Friday, attending a friend's wedding and getting some medical things taken care of.  I expected to be able to use the internet in the office to post while I wiled away the time but found that my fellow PCVs inevitably walked up to speak and started asking questions about this "Cranky PCV" thing. 
I managed to change the topic but just didn't feel comfortable and decided to wait until I am back to the privace of my home. 
The purpose of this blog is not to be an expose of the Peace Corps, although there is room for that if somebody were to take it on, but to be able to speak frankly about my feelings and experiences.
The reality, (oh, this is expose-y I guess) is that the PC administration in my country is hardcore democrat and their biases are revealed on a regular basis.  People that don't share the party line tend to keep their opinions to themselves.  And I have chosen the same strategy, at least when dealing with admin. 
This is even more annoying when you see the Ukrainian staff expressing the same political positions that they seem to have taken on simply because the bosses have educated them on proper American politics. 
For instance, my regional manager recently suggested that, to avoid conflict,  I tell local Ukrainians that I do not support my government's various policies.  He wasn't telling me to lie, he was telling me it was OK to state my opinion.  It evidently never crossed his mind that I might actually support some. 
Anyway, I'll start posting again tomorrow.  Sorry if anybody has actually come here and found no new posts. 

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