Monday, November 28, 2005

New News

Since before I left for Ukraine I began shifting my news sources from magazines and newspapers to the internet. I probably had 12-15 magazine subscriptions along with my daily newspaper and the trades that I picked up at the office. Since arriving in Ukraine, I receive complimentary Newsweek and International Christian Science Monitor subscriptions. Both are hopelessly outdated when I receive them. I tend to pass over news stories and focus on the latest hot gadget reviews or other pieces that sit in the back of the magazine (does anybody else read magazine backwards?).

Here's an interesting story in the Minnesota Daily about the changing world of news gathering.

When I return to the states, I don't expect to start new magazine subscriptions. There is something nice about holding a copy in your hand but I've grown so used to reading from the internet and I don't know if I have time anymore. I used to do my magazine reading in bed before going to sleep but in their absence I've discovered this really cool thing called a book. I think I'll try reading more of them.

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