Wednesday, November 09, 2005

UN Mandate

Great, all the people who insisted that the UN sign an approval slip on Iraq can relax, it's unanimous!

"UNITED NATIONS, New York The Security Council on Tuesday unanimously adopted a one-year renewal of the United Nations mandate for the U.S.-led multinational force in Iraq.
The resolution, sponsored by Britain, Denmark, Japan, Romania and the United States, extends the mandate until Dec. 31, 2006, but calls for a review of the decision by June 15, 2006, and allows for the termination of the mandate at any point if Iraq requests it.
The review clause was added as a compromise with the demands of France and Russia, which initially asked that the term be extended only six months, rather than a year.
The drawing-up of the measure was remarkably free of disputes on an issue that two years ago deeply divided the Security Council and threw relations between the United Nations and United States into turmoil.
Commenting outside the Council chamber after the vote, John Bolton, the United States ambassador, said, "We thought the manner in which the resolution was adopted in a constructive, cooperative, and very rapid fashion was a good sign." Samir Shakir Sumaidaie, the Iraqi ambassador, said, "We note with satisfaction the manner in which this resolution was passed in an environment of harmony and agreement."
Bolton said the 15-0 vote "expressed the clear desire of the international community to support the evolving democratic process in Iraq."

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