Sunday, November 20, 2005

Miracle Baby

What's up with Korea? A woman has a baby, and suddenly it is a supernatural sign that reunification is around the corner.

Evidently some believe that the mother in question planned the whole thing and yeah, this would lead you to believe that:

Hwang Seon, the baby's mother and a former student radical, served 34 months in South Korean prisons largely because she made an unauthorized trip to North Korea in 1998.

"The last time I came back [to South Korea] from North Korea, the National Intelligence Service was waiting for me to arrest me," Hwang recalled. "This time, I held my baby in my arms and was welcomed back with flowers."

Hwang's husband was not able to meet his wife and new daughter upon their arrival home. He is in hiding, wanted by South Korean authorities on charges of pro-North Korean activities.
But what a goofy plan. Unless the citizens are goofy enough to take it seriously I guess.

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