Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crazy, anti-Semitic, Woman cashing in on the death of her son may have been taking a break after all.

A few days ago I referred to this story that I had been hesitant to link to. My concern was that the photos looked like they could very well have been taken before the book signing began.

Around Thanksgiving I wrote a piece about the importance of being faithful to the truth. Alexandra at All Things Beautiful was kind enough to link to it, my first post that was linked to.

Well in the spirit of that, I have to mention this story that claims the pictures were actually snapped during a break. What do I believe? I have no idea. Either scenario makes sense to me.

But I have railed about the distortion of the media, we all know they do it, so why would I think they wouldn't do it here?

I know, I know, she's a nutcase. but I'm going to do what I wish people would do with stories about plastic turkeys and drop it.

Unless of course somebody goes to the trouble of proving it one way or another.

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