Monday, November 28, 2005

EU upset, issues threats, world trembles

Evidently the EU is issuing threats over alleged hosting of secret CIA prisons by certain Eastern European countries. The accused countries are being threatened with a loss of EU voting rights.

The European commission has also asked the US to confirm the existence of secret CIA military jails, which almost certainly breach the European convention on human rights and the international convention against torture.

Can somebody explain to me why a CIA military jail "almost certainly" breaches European convention on human rights? Have we reached a point that we accept that any US action must involve torture?

OK, I understand, the term "torture" now includes such horrific abuses such as playing In-Sync music and putting women's underwear on a prisoner's head so the bar is set low, but have we reached the point that it is expected that the US jailers are automatically going to be pulling out their cds and pulling off their panties?

Or maybe the problem is the secrecy. Is there a rule in the EU against that? Are they going to be shutting down all the super-secret, double-naught-spy, women-hater, he-man clubs currently frequented by anti-secrecy offending 1st grade boys across the EU?

As of now, the countries deny any involvement so maybe that is the end of that but if the investigation continues, I suggest they take the Iranian tact and demand various economic incentives over the course of the next several years as a condition for their cooperation. By then, after the countries in question have cashed in their windfall for cooperating, any prisoners in their territory would have been released or died of old age.

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