Friday, November 18, 2005

Ukrainian illness

Wow, Ukraine is certainly a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty diseases. Trains are notoriously filled with allergens that can put down a bolshoi muschina with ease. And riding an overnight train compounds this because of the allergen impregnated mattresses and pillows. I began taking multiple antihistamines on every trip after only a couple of rides when I realized that a train ride inevitably results in becoming sick. I know that allergies are not related to a cold but they can weaken your system and make you more susceptible.

Well, that seems to work but on this last trip I picked up yet another cold. My head has been clouded for about 5 days and I hope I am coming out of it soon. Needless to say, my postings have dropped off dramatically.

And all while this Open Source Media is being launched, driving opposing bloggers from across the blogosphere bloggaliciously crazy and the Republicans seem to have lost their minds or finally gotten drunk (literally) on power and passed some resolution on the war that evidently was been drafted by Ted Kennedy. My mind's clouded state makes it impossible for me to summon up a comment on either that is worth commenting on as the above probably illustrated.

I did manage to visit a classroom today blather on and on about very little of substance. The students probably think I'm either brilliant or nuts.

Anyway, I hope that tomorrow I will be back with something worth saying.

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