Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PM and Tim Blair

Tim Blair has bolted Pajamas Media.

I've posted before about my confusion over the anger PJM has generated among bloggers as well as my confusion over PJM. I'm a regular reader of several blogs who's owners are involved so I trust that there is some point to all this but I haven't figured it out yet.

Having said that, I stopped by an anti-Pajamas site (sorry, don't have it up now and can't remember the URL) today that seems to be all PJM all the time and don't understand why it is such an obsession for anybody.

Frankly, I have only gone to Pajamas Media about 3-4 times and mostly out of curiosity. It certainly doesn't provide me with a service that I need.

Same thing happened with HuffingtonPost.

Oops, I should say I've only gone there intentionally 3-4 times. It seems like Instapundit is using it as a main news source now. At least that is conclusion you might reach from all the Pajamas Media links that are starting to dominate that site.

Anyway, Blair has chosen to keep mum about his reasons and I can respect that but it is going to be ironic if and when this development becomes the subject of blogging speculation.

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