Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Traffic light cameras

Interesting story on traffic light cameras over atHit and Run.

In the comments section I said this:

After dodging the Deathrace 2000 traffic that runs through the Westwood section of LA for 7 years, I was happy to see something introduced that could possibly allow me to survive one more day of lunch.

But then after getting a ticket by one of these fascist camera cops and I saw the light. Theoretically I have no problem but when the city and the equipment manufacturers have a financial stake in the system, it corrupts everything.

Using parking tickets as a revenue generator creates enough of a cringe factor for me. To use something that is so clearly linked to real safety issues is repulsive.

I don't have the links but there were stories in the past years about cities that actually decreased the length of the yellow light to increase tickets! After 100 years of cars on the road, hasn't somebody come up with a standard yellow light period that everyone agrees is sufficient?

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